Fragrance as an original artistic expression. A perfect illustration of the inner world, which outwardly shows only as much as we wish to reveal. A fragrance that dresses up a personality.

PIGMENTARIUM is an independent Czech perfume house founded in 2018 by creative innovator Tomáš Ric. The first building block and the brand's showcase became the perfume AD LIBITUM, which was created as a solitary artistic creation representing not only a distinctive fragrance but also a glimpse at future creations, which hide a secret world of stories behind each fragrance.


Every single PIGMENTARIUM perfume is an olfactory transcription of our dreams and thoughts. Without trying to reflect trends. Created to underline the character of its wearer.

PIGMENTARIUM perfumes contain only the finest essential fragrance oils and raw materials. Thanks to their complexity and high concentration, you will get to discover the scent itself for hours and maybe even days. Its form evolves and changes the whole time. Thanks to the musk used, the fragrance adapts to its wearer. One scent will never smell the same on two different people.​

Thanks to the natural ingredients used, our fragrances can evoke emotions and bring back memories. Certainly only the most precious ones.


Our early work was strongly influenced by an admiration of the work of big personas who artistically defined the world of the first half of the twentieth century. Particularly, architects and designers whose work was ahead of their time and is still relevant today and speaks vividly. A creation that captured an essence. The perfection of nature is reflected in the purity of materials. The brightness of spirit translated into basic curves and shapes. The first scents are inscribed with admiration for the authors of Czech and international modernism.

That is where our journey started. From interpretation to self-expression. To a connection with contemporary artists and their ideas, to mutual creative dialogue. This is also how our perfumes became an inspiration for the creation of artwork, connecting and complementing each other.

A new chapter was opened by the design of interior objects used for the installation of fragrance in space. The artistic solitaires blur the line between decoration and function. Artifacts from precious woods full of spiritual symbolism and futuristic porcelain objects.


Czech craftsmen and small family-run businesses take part in creating the individual elements of PIGMENTARIUM products. Original porcelain, carvings, hand-folded paper boxes, artisan printing, and even assemblages. Significant parts of our products are made in the heart of Europe, in highly controlled, small batches.

The fragrance ingredients must be as truthful as our craft. That is why we get them in the place of their origin. While our perfumes come into being from noble essences in laboratories in Prague, our scented sticks are produced for us by a small family-run business in Sri Lanka. We chose it after a personal visit because they can bring our nontraditional visions to life using deeply traditional methods.


It was clear to us at the beginning of our journey in 2018 that the ethical path was the only possible way. We produce our perfumes sustainably, work with local producers, and support communities. Human labour value is and always will be more important to us than profit. Our main goal is that not only us, but also our customers, and everybody who is a part of this fragrant journey, feels joy and that our fragrances keep them company when travelling through the most beautiful of memories, enhancing precious moments.

Dreams. They are our commitment.

Do you want to learn more about us and our work? The best way to learn is to ask, therefore we publish the most frequently asked questions: at this link.