How can I experience the perfume when ordering online?

When you place an order for any Pigmentarium perfume, we'll include a complimentary sample just for you. It's the perfect chance to experience the scent and see if it aligns with your personal style before even opening the product. If, for any reason, you feel that the fragrance isn't the right fit, don't worry! Our return policy ensures that you can easily send the unopened product back in 14 days.​

Where are your perfumes made?

Our brand was born and grew in the Czech Republic. Just like our perfume. We work on these together with artisan producers and family-owned businesses, with artists and top technologists. We believe that in this interconnected creative world, we create a symphony of perceptions at the core of which there is still the footprint of Czech culture and historical context.

Do all your ingredients come from the Czech Republic?

The ingredients do not. We buy them from renowned international suppliers - just like the materials for the perfect house. The ingredients we use are thoughtfully selected from all corners of the world, so that their character is as noble as possible.

Do you use only natural ingredients?

Our main goal is quality that does not age. This means that we strictly adhere to two rules "No substitutes" and "No to submitting to the rules of the mass market". As a result, we use both natural essential oils and noble synthetic, which together ensure the best possible result, regardless of price. Yes, that's right.

How can I be sure that the Pigmentarium product will not cause me an allergic reaction?

We comply with all IFRA and European Union standards in production and ingredient selection.

Where do you sell your Pigmentarium products?

The answer is that luckily the list is getting longer over time. You can find the complete list of exclusive shopping places in Europe and worldwide here. We also ship online orders from our e- shop worldwide, with a few exceptions. An individual approach to delivery is a given for us. (Do not hesitate to let us know!)

Can I order a sample?

You can play a game of transformations with us and order a "Discovery set" with all the basic fragrances of the brand, or order just a sample of the perfume you would like to try.

What is the best thing about Prague?

It is small and intimate and large at the same time. It feels as if several worlds and times merged. It is artistic and liberal. It is the birthplace of world innovations and home to ancient stories. Prague resembles a book.

If I only visit Prague for the weekend, where should I go for a drink?

When walking old, cobbled streets and by the light of night. Maybe the Public Interest Bar. It is the perfect place to have long conversations about life, sipping the Paradiso drink - a transcription of one of our perfumes. And somewhere nearby, perhaps in an ancient attic, the legendary Golem is said to still sleep.

Even though you are a proud Czech brand, are we right to feel the worldliness?

The brand was founded by people who were not born into the old polarized world. They thus merge the local character and the important European and world influences. Just as it was at the beginning of the twentieth century, when Prague was one of the most energetic places. Our creation is local, but we are part of the world.