Erotikon perfume celebrates its third birthday. The captivating gourmet scent full of chocolate, pink pepper, vanilla, and patchouli has become part of the stories of many women. We addressed those who, with their touch, contributed to the communication of the perfume, which they themselves are happy to wear. They are distinctive, unforgettable, and very different from each other. Like the Erotikon itself.

What does the perfume symbolize for each of them?


The scent of Erotikon is indescribable as everyone feels something exclusively their own in it. A kind of magical adventure, whether inhaling or exhaling. 
- Soňa Červená, the opera singer

Erotikon confuses the senses. Although it penetrates the senses by smell, it stimulates taste receptors. Like a chocolate-spiced candy that you will never overeat."
- Hana Knížová, photographer

In one word, SEX. I love to dress in it and go to face my destiny.
- Karolína Wernerová, creative visionaire

Erotikon is a warm, sensual, mysterious scent, for me representing desire, glamour and attractive uniqueness.
- Jana Plesníková, model

Erotikon, for me, is a feeling, not just a scent. Erotikon will overwhelm you and spill over your body so gently. But at the same time, you‘ll feel its desire to seduce you into sweet fascination and excitement over and over again... Sweet desire, pleasure, passion - that is Erotikon.
- Veronika Vágnerová, entrepreneur

Confidential impression and a hint of something new and unknown. The refined Erotikon perfume was introduced in the spring of 2019 as the second creation of the Pigmentation. An exciting and sensually mysterious perfume inspired by Gustav Machatý's film - at once scandalous and still highly rated. A black-and-white movie breaking down the period taboo; firstly presented for invited guests in a closed projection in 1930. Erotikon perfume evokes equally feelings of uniqueness, privacy and excitement.