The unique functionalist setting of the Volman Villa hosts the well-being project “Sleeping Under the Stars,” held on two occasions: August 15-16 and August 17-18. For this romantic occasion, Pigmentarium creates the perfect olfactory atmosphere and contributes to the event's program. Nestled in a vast park north of Prague, the villa, inspired by Le Corbusier’s architectural philosophy, features long window strips, elevated ground floors with pillars, sunny terraces, and a large rooftop garden. This arrangement inspired a socially vibrant yet meditative experience—sleeping both indoors and under the open sky. We spoke with event organizers Karolína Kabelka and Zuzana Kadlečková about what guests can expect.

the creative producer behind the “Sleeping Under the Stars” project

Karolína, what inspired you to organize the overnight stay at Villa Volman, and what is your vision for the project?
One friendly breakfast with Zuzka turned into a creative process, and Sleeping Under the Stars was born. It’s a heartfelt project. Our vision? We want Villa Volman to come alive and create unforgettable stories. With our program this year, no one will leave empty-handed.

Who are the usual participants of the overnight stay, and what can they expect from this experience?
I would say they are enthusiasts of architecture, yoga, great food, and people who aren't afraid to step out of their comfort zones. After all, sleeping under the open sky isn’t for everyone. But it leaves a warm memory that our guests won't soon forget. Falling asleep under shooting stars to the sound of ambient music? Trust me, this is an experience you don’t want to miss.

What activities and programs do you have planned for guests during their stay at Villa Volman?
This year, we will engage all your senses. The program officially starts with a tour of the breathtaking Villa Volman. During the tour, a tasting dinner by Marcela Vuong, who has prepared a fusion of Vietnamese street food, will be served. At sunset, we'll toast with good wine, and to the sounds of ambient music, we'll either dive into discussions or drift into dreams. At sunrise, there will be a morning yoga session with Adél from Yoga Movement, where we will ground our minds through breath and focus on ourselves. As a cherry on top, we’ve prepared a scent game led by Tomáš from Pigmentarium.

Can you share any unforgettable stories or moments from previous overnight stays at the villa? What impressed the guests the most?  
Midnight swims in the gardens of Villa Volman or counting shooting stars. Countless new conversations and intersections of bubbles that seemed impenetrable. All this and much more can be experienced with us this year by anyone. In limited numbers, of course. We have only 20 spots available for each session. We want to give our guests space. Maybe to walk through the villa in the early morning light on their own.

the curator of the Volman Villa & the co-producer of the  behind the “Sleeping Under the Stars” project

Zuzana, could you tell us about the history of Villa Volman and your personal connection to this place?
The story of Villa Volman mirrors the fate of Czech society over the past hundred years. To understand its beginnings, we must go back to interwar Czechoslovakia, when industrialist Volman decided to bring his dream of a representative residence and new home to life. Architects Karel Janů and Jiří Štursa designed an avant-garde villa, where the Volman family unfortunately only spent a single decade. After 1948, they were expelled, the villa became a political training center, and later a kindergarten. Due to human negligence and vandalism, the house fell into a state of complete disrepair after the Velvet Revolution. Every downfall can be a starting point, and this happened at the turn of the millennium. The new owners recognized the exceptional nature of the building and decided to invest in its demanding and sensitive restoration. It was at this moment that the house entered my life, as my father played a significant role in saving the villa. I observed from a distance until I gradually decided to dedicate myself professionally to Villa Volman. This decision was significantly accelerated in 2020, and since then, I have had a clear goal. Two years later, we opened our doors to the public as a member of the global Iconic Houses network.

Overnight guests have the opportunity to explore the villa and its renovation. What should they not miss?
A day and night at the villa is an extraordinary experience. The interior, usually presented as an exhibition, transforms into your actual living space. You can't miss our marble bathrooms. You'll surely fall in love with the original colorful bathtubs from the 1930s, which have been featured in photographs around the world.

How does Villa Volman engage with the local community, and what impact does it have on the cultural life of the region?
Josef Volman was Čelákovice's own Baťa, and his story is still very much alive for the local residents. The oldest generation comes to reminisce, and visits from those who remember are incredibly emotional moments. Guests often bring items connected to the villa's history. Recently, we received a set of crystal cutlery, which was a wedding gift from Josef Volman to his personal driver. Moments like these energize us and confirm that we are on the right path. Visitors return for our cultural events, and our classical music concerts have built a community of regular attendees.

What are your future plans for Villa Volman? Do you see it as a place for similar projects, or do you have other visions?
From the beginning, I knew we didn't want to preserve the villa as a First Republic museum. The essence of our brand is collaboration with the contemporary scene and Czech design. We definitely want to continue in this direction. "Sleeping Under the Stars" is a project that Karolína and I hold very close to our hearts. It’s an event we would love to attend ourselves. We do what we enjoy.