Interview with Erpee Davidse, Creative Director and Founder of Papaduk, by Tomáš Ric.

You might be surprised to find Spain's officially best niche perfumery on the island of Ibiza. Founded in 2021 by Erpee Davidse, Papaduk was born out of his extraordinary passion for creative perfumery and his vision to fill a luxury market gap on the island. While offering a variety of high-end goods to its discerning clientele, prestigious perfumes were previously absent in one location. Papaduk quickly gained recognition thanks to its talented curation, becoming a sought-after spot for both residents and visitors. Its current collaboration with the stylish concept store Particular at Casa Jondal further advances the prestigious olfactory market in this beautiful resort destination. The project seamlessly blends Davidse' fragrance expertise with the sophisticated atmosphere of Casa Jondal, creating a unique sensory experience that captures the island's genius loci. 

Can you share the story behind Papaduk and how your connection with Casa Jondal came about?
Papaduk was born out of love for anything fragrant. As a passionate perfume lover living on the white isle, I realized that Ibiza needed a place for people like me. We have it all here: top restaurants, the best clubs in the world, exclusive resorts and dream villas and an international clientele that knows what’s hip and happening. But I couldn’t find a single place where the world’s best fragrance and cosmetics brands can be found together. So, after a long search for the right spot, Papaduk opened its doors in 2021 and has been a great success ever since. Last year we got awarded Best Niche Perfumery from Spain which was the cherry on the cake for all our efforts.

My mission is to scent this whole island. And we have only just begun… Our collaboration with Particular at Casa Jondal came to life after the owners visited Papaduk and we realized we share a similar vision and clientele. We both offer only the best you can find on the island.

In what ways have you infused your personal identity into this project
Particular at Casa Jondal is a very special place. It’s not your average beach club boutique. They carry a carefully curated selection of beautiful brands and items. Some well known like Off-white but also many local artists and brands. We made sure to select some items that reflect their innovative vision. Pigmentarium was an easy choice. The exceptional design of the incense altars and the quality of the incenses will enchant many visitors this summer. Sometimes people think incense is more for winter or to just burn inside, but we feel it’s such a great way to scent exterior spaces as well. Imagine meditating at the seaside with the scent of Moroccan Mint enveloping you. It’s just such a nice way to relax and reconnect with yourself. 

How does the unique ambiance of Casa Jondal guide your selection of fragrance brands?
For the Particular project we made sure to select fragrances that are still quite unknown and exceptional in quality and presentation. Perfumes that will complement your stay on the island with their exotic ingredients and seductive sillage.

Could you paint a picture of an ideal day at Casa Jondal and explain how your perfumery enhances that experience?
A perfect day at Jondal would start with a refreshing dip in the turquoise water of the Mediterranean. Then some yoga in the shadow of the Sabina trees followed by a long afternoon lunch at Casa Jondal until the sun sets and finally a visit to the Particular store to find yourself that unique souvenir.