Admitting that summer is slowly ending in the middle of your holidays is not a matter of skepticism: August is the month where the heat reaches its climate and we are eager to look towards autumnal temperatures but mainly looking forward to everything new that fall will always bring. However for now we can still continue to stay by the pool to soak up the sunshine instead of starting preparations to get back to work.

Naturally in the third part of PARADISO SLOW LIVING, we are focussing on the pool and the sun. The rays will be more merciful, the light is more beautiful and the water more pleasant. We move away from the adrenaline and heartbeat of society. Only with a book, a cocktail, and those we love to be around with. We have chosen three places in Greece and our circle symbolically ends where "everything" started for Europe.

Greek nature is magical. To imagine it only as arid bushes and a few old olive trees is a mistake. It is a world of amazing biodiversity that is simply not obvious at first glance. Thanks to the safe distance of industrial civilization and the countless places of orthodox care for traditional farming methods, Greece is an inconspicuous flowering garden full of scents. Saffron, Mastiha, mountain tea or rare ancient Cretan olives, grown for thousands of years by the same method and nicknamed black gold. Our domain is ingredients and fragrances. We couldn't help but remember this. When shopping, we recommend focusing on things from nature.


A place where simplicity turns into luxury. Extensive landlines the perfect sandy beaches and the azure sea of Kos. And exactly on this island you’ll find a set of modestly conceived buildings perfectly capturing the meaning of the words privacy, meditation, and yes, also luxury: Hotel OKU. A five-star service provided against the backdrop of traditional Greek rural architecture this local exceptional quality resort is coming with a raw natural packaging. It will allow you to completely merge with the unspoiled nature, the clear water, and the warming sun. All rooms and villas in white and cream tones, the Zen SPA & Wellness, the outdoor yoga areas, a library, and the scents of herbs and pine trees will make you forget your day-to-day responsibilities. You are encouraged to fully relax and find yourself. However to also explore the beauty of the island of Kos you will, of course, need to leave this confined space of OKU, a hotel that has managed to change the stereotypes of a spa hotel into a hospitable space full of energy making you stay only with friends.


greek coffee
granulated sugar

Special equipment: You’ll need a briki, a small copper or brass (or sometimes stainless steel) pot that’s narrow at the top and wider toward the bottom so that the grounds fall to the bottom.

Steps to follow:
1: Using one of your demitasse cups as a 2-ounce measure, fill the briki with as many cups of cold water as cups of coffee you want to make. Add 1 heaping teaspoon of coffee grounds for each 2-ounce cup of coffee. Add granulated sugar, if desired: 1 teaspoon per demitasse cup for medium-sweet (metrios_) or 2 teaspoons per demitasse cup for sweet (glykys_). For an extra-strong-sweet cup (vari glykos or glykys vrastos), add 3 teaspoons sugar and 2 teaspoons coffee grounds per 2 ounces of water.
2: Heat over medium heat and stir just to incorporate the grounds and sugar. As the coffee heats, foam will rise. Be sure to hold onto the handle of the briki to keep it from falling over. When the foam nearly reaches the top, remove the briki from the heat and let it stand until the grounds have settled a bit, about 1 minute. Pour a little foam into each cup, then fill each cup, moving the briki up and down to help settle the grounds. Serve with a cold glass of water.


In the opposite direction located on the evergreen Tsilivi hill of Zakynthos lies the Olea All-Suite Hotel. The aesthetics of the buildings are very purist. Cream and gray-colored natural materials, like raw stone and wood, have been used. The spirit of this place is accommodating those who like a hotel's concept of living. Here absolute perfection is defined by matching the design of the interior and the design of the space. While the exterior of the building is surrounded by emerald lush greenery the central theme of the hotel itself is water. In the heart of the hotel, you’ll find a large (artificial) lake, which spreads between the individual buildings in an almost natural way. The transformative and soothing power of the water flows freely through the entire hotel – like veins in a human body. The absence of boundaries between apartments and common areas gives a unique feeling of freedom. The whole space evokes a state of relaxation through a deep connection with nature.


And one turn in two directions. Not a zen environment in the middle of the sea. Not decent earthy colors and inconspicuous tones. The Semiramis Hotel is located within the green hills of a residential area right above Athens. It stands and shines. Karim Rashid put all his efforts into providing you with a very unique experience. The hotel’s white cube is pierced in and outside with a glow of bright neon color. Green, yellow and pink… a space dominated by shapes, the play of light and contrast. An ideal base for exploring the cradle of civilization from a different angle. Restaurants, bars, and nightlife have impeccable energy in Athens. If you think that hotels on beaches full of tourists are the right thing for electrifying summer nightlife, well, you might want to reconsider it… it probably won't be for a museum in the morning. If so, we recommend the cool silence of the Benaki Museum. In this historic villa, you can see the essence of Greek culture through the merciful glasses of black glasses. However, if the beach is to win, you are not lost in the Greek capital. ASTIR BEACH is the place you are looking for. The address is 40 Apollons, Vouliagmeni. You can buy a swimsuit on-site and enjoy a strong Greek coffee as well.