Summer 2020 in Prague, hot air moves over cobblestones in the world-famous old town. The sharp smell of grapefruit is noticeably transported by early evening winds. It’s just a few weeks after the official launch of the PARADISO perfume and the team meets at the PUBLIC INTEREST bar occupying the comfortable chairs in the shadow in front of the bar. The idea of converting ​this new and fresh scent into a cooling drink for hot summers went into their minds and got outlined quickly. 

The creative team of this famous Prague bar was very enthusiastic about creating a PARADISO cocktail. This perfume-inspired drink is built on a combination of fresh grapefruit juice and MONKEY 47 gin coming together as a work of art in taste and appearance. The cocktail was originally planned only as a spontaneous one-off experience: for friends and guests of the Pigmentarium house for one very special evening. However, photos and music of this casual evening get-together - which slowly continued into the night- are preserved. But not only those: you can still order this special drink at PUBLIC INTEREST BAR until today.

The bar is currently not operating but PARADISO COCKTAIL is available to order home.


When life gives you lemons make lemonade. Or in this case a cocktail. In these times when people can’t meet in bars PIGMENTARIUM and the PUBLIC INTEREST bar came up with a very creative idea to escape this bad situation. 

The option of ordering a drink from a place somewhat further away than usual: from your home (only in Prague). Thanks to the very committed bartenders and supported by reliable couriers you can have the perfect cocktail in your own glass within an hour of ordering.  The implementation of a small can filling plant, installed at the bar will help us to provide you with the same quality bar cocktail but at the leisure of your home. 

Clearly, we support the idea with a distinguished packaging you are used to from us. The PARADISO COCKTAIL received an ultimate unique packaging and even though summer is still far away, you can feel the summer in an hour. 

Just order your cocktail here.


PIGMENTARIUM PARADISO has no age or gender. It is inspired by long summer days near the sea. Jump into the cool water of the pool, above which the scent of the nearby salt waves mixes with the scent of pine trees and, yes, a sunlit glass of refreshing drink with ice and a slice of grapefruit.