an interview by Ema Müller
I named our zoom call “the coffee chat <3” without knowing, if Lotta even drinks coffee. Do you drink coffee? 
“I am obsessed with ice coffee at the moment.”

So that’s your drink to go. 
“I am actually having this conversation a lot! I constantly keep asking people what their top three drinks are.”

What are yours? 
“I am very sat with my drinks. My first choice should be water but that’s a bit boring, right? I will say kombucha. I drink one every day. And then it’s this Monster drink. This super unhealthy energy drink. What a controversial combination, right? 

Are you a controversial person? I mean, do you like the extremes?
“Oh, I am exactly like the combination of these two drinks. I have two, completely different poles.”

How would you describe them?
“Well, I am a dancer. I love moving. Exercising. Eating clean, living clean. Self-caring. But I do party a lot and I drink all these energy drinks.”

What about your states of mind? 
“My mind is also like that. I am very calm and very chaotic at the same time.”

How would you introduce yourself to someone who doesn’t know you? 
“I always have such a hard time with that. With introducing myself. I never know what I should say. Like, who am I today, you know?”

Start with the things, that you do the most. 
“First and foremost, I am a dancer. And a performer. A performance artist. Sometimes I model, sometimes I do acting. I am also a production assistant at the moment.”

A production assistant?
“It’s so nice!”

Tell me about it!
“I have many friends in movies. They caught me into that. I learn so many new things from it. About the world, about the work ethic, about myself. I feel very helpful. And I need to feel helpful in life, I guess.”

“Because my worst fear is to feel helpless.”

What do you do when you feel scared?
“I got to talk about it. It’s scary thoughts, mostly. And I have to say those thoughts out loud. Or write them down. I get very stuck in my head and I start believing things that I know, are not true, so I need to get them out of my mind. Out of the system.”

Do you say them out loud to yourself or to someone else? 
“My favorite quality about myself is, that I am very good at being there for myself. I don’t really need someone to talk to. It’s about these two poles, once again. I have this little crazy side, but then I have this very rational side of myself. And I am very good at balancing those two and knowing when to be rational.”

What is the most exciting thing you do in life at the moment?
“I like the routine. I wake up in the morning, go to the gym for like, three hours, I come back home, work on my projects. My life, at the moment, is very boring. I love having my life super boring, to be honest. It gives me pleasure.”

Are you a spiritual person? 
“Absolutely. I feel like there are energies around us and I believe that the earth has this communal heartbeat.”

What is your special energy in life?
“I have this thing for visualizing my life in a very poetic, romantic, almost melancholic way. And that gives me this beautiful, appreciative perspective of life and I think it’s so unique to see life and live life in that way.”

Are you a dreamer?
“That’s the thing! I would never say that I am a dreamer. I am a very practical person.”

How connected are you to your senses? 
“Everything that’s important to me, I sense it first through my body. The body often knows things before the mind does. Many people tend to disregard that. Listening to your body is essential. And I strive to honor that.”

What about the scents? 
“Scents create vibrations in my body and memories in my mind. They can bring me back to the past or drive me toward the future.”

What scent does that to you the most? 
“Amber. I love that one. My mom went to Jordan once and brought back these small tints of amber musk. I’ve had it for years.”

How do you see Pigmentarium?
“Pigmentarium has this very wholesome idea of what the brand is, and I respect that so much. It’s not just a fragrance brand to me. It’s art and sculpture and words put together. It’s this very cohesive idea, that brings you into a world. It’s a whole universe. And they have a very good, diverse collection of fragrances. I feel like they are very connected, but still all over, somehow.”

Which fragrance is your favorite?
“It’s a tie between Erotikon and Murmur.”

How do you choose which one to use?
“It depends on what alter ego I am today.”

When do you go for Erotikon?
“When I am going out. I have a full glam on and I am entering my diva persona.”

How is she? 
“Very mischievous and a bit of a devil.”

How does Erotikon smell to you?
“It’s like an embrace. It’s so warm. If I could describe it with a sound, it would be something like “aaaahhhhhhhh”. Like I want to crawl into my own skin and stay there.”

When do you wear Murmur?
“When I want to get into my creative zone.”

How does it make you feel?
“I feel like I am all of a sudden standing in the middle of Iceland. Somewhere in a moss. I also wear Genesis a lot these days. When I am in my goddess mood. Genesis is so fresh, clean, new and pure. I usually put scents into images.”

What are the images of Pigmentarium fragrances? 
“Genesis is a lake in a forest. Erotikon is a picture of red velvety cinema. AD Libitum is like being in a cave. But a comforting cave. Or inside of a womb. Murmur is creation. Me, being inspired and creating some new, great things.”

What is your golden recipe in life?
“Success and stability. I am very stable already and I can see how it brings me a calm state of mind. And success allows me to be doing what I love and keep doing it, for as long as I can. I just never want to stop making and I never want to stop progressing.”

What are your plans for tonight?
“I have a birthday party.”

So that’s an Erotikon, right?