The second half of the summer is dedicated to travelling to Pigmentarium brand ambassadors and their inspiring worlds. Meet Jakub Pleśniarski, a talented fashion photographer, who loves architecture, Pigmentarium fragrances and (although he first did not tell us) also sports with no doubt. Jakub´s successful projects include working with VOGUE Poland and VOGUE Ukraine, GQ, L`Officiel and Elle. Today he freelances under the Van Dorse Artis Agenci agency and lives in Warsaw.

How would you introduce yourself to a stranger?
Hi, I’m Jakub, I’m a fashion photographer. My biggest inspirations are art and architecture. Light, form, shape and composition are super important to me. Creating new images is among my favorite things to do and nothing can compare to the feeling of your ideas and all that you’ve had in mind are crystallized in the final picture during the photo shoot. Besides photography, my biggest passion is traveling. Exploring new places, cultures, cuisines and meeting new people drive me the most in life.

What initially drew you to the world of photography, and how has your passion evolved over time?  
As a child I dreamed about becoming an architect. In high school everything changed and I decided to study photography in the National Film School in Łódź. At the same time I started working as a photographer’s assistant in Warsaw. After a few years of gaining experience I stated to develop my freelance career as a fashion photographer. Right now I’m represented by the best agency - Van Dorsen Artists.
How do you approach capturing the essence and unique personality of your subjects in your fashion photography?
 Careful planning is in my nature. I’m always well prepared for every photo shoot. I know what I want to achieve and what images and mood I want to create. That’s my base, which gives me the opportunity to focus 100% on my model and his/her personality and energy. I always try to have personalized playlists as well, which help me to create the specific mood for the photo shoot.

Architecture often serves as a backdrop in fashion photography. Are there any architectural styles or iconic buildings that have particularly inspired your work?
I’m totally fascinated by the bauhaus and modernism in architecture. Richard Neutra, Frank Loyd Wright, and Mies Van Der Rohe are my masters. My ultimate favourite building is The Fransworth’s House by Mies Van Der Rohe. It’s perfection in the purest form. Nothing more nothing less.

What inspires you besides architecture – at work and in life?
Traveling and people. Exploring new places and meeting new people, their stories and experiences stimulate my mind and give me the energy that inspires me to constantly create new things.

What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done in your life?
One of the best experiences so far was a Cercle party with Adriatique at Hatshepsut Temple. Dancing during the sunset in front of one of the most beautiful temples in ancient Egypt with a bunch of beautiful people around me was an absolutely intoxicating experience. Spending last New Years Eve in New York together with my boyfriend was one of the most spontaneous and best decisions we have ever made. We travel a lot, so I can’t wait for our next adventure.

If you could choose any location in the world for a photo shoot – what would it be?
Two years ago we were on holiday in Milos, Greece and I totally fell in love with Sarakiniko Beach. The volcanic rocks are super white there and create an interesting contrast with the deep blue and turquoise surrounding waters. This amazing scenery gave me the impression of standing almost on the surface of the moon. I’m dreaming about shooting an editorial in this remarkable place.

What is the role of scents in your life?
Scents are a big part of my life and my creative process. I’m constantly fascinated by the fact that scents affect our senses subconsciously and can stay in our memory for decades. This means that scents can bring us to those memories from the past in a second. In my “scent memory” I have a lot of associations of particular scents with people, places and even specific events and I love going back to them.
How do you feel about being a Pigmentarium brand ambassador?
It’s a real pleasure because scents are a big part of my life and my creative processes. I feel like we have a lot in common and have the same values. For a creator there’s nothing better than collaborating with a brand like Pigmenatrium and with the incredible and creative people standing behind this brand.
When you think of Pigmentarium along with all the values and qualities and feelings you have for the brand, which three do you have 100% in common?
I really appreciate brands that are truly honest and well-thought-out in every little detail. Starting from the product of course, through packaging design, consistent visual communication, refined campaigns and communicating the brand through social media. I like when everything is rooted in art or in architecture and that gives the brand a wider context. All that and well known but still so relevant “less is more” by Mies van Der Rohe are values which I’m constantly trying to pursue as well.