It is with a sense of great pleasure that we now invite you to Iceland. Straight into a blooming and sophisticated concept store Mikado which is assembling its curated portfolio of everyday objects from all corners of the globe. Right in the heart of Iceland — Reykjavik, the duo behind the concept, Aron Freyr Heimisson and Einar Guðmundsson masterfully translate their refined taste into everything design-oriented. We are sincerely delighted and honored that the house of PIGMENTARIUM is part of this neatly edited selection. We feel the energy in connecting worlds as contrasting as Prague and Reykjavik. 

​We asked Aron and Einar to write a letter to their homeland. A letter explaining why they decided to come back home to Iceland from abroad. What motivated them to start their shop there which represents an artistic link to the whole world. Another letter is made by the Czech photographer Martin Faltejsek. His pictorial adventure takes you to his beloved Iceland. 

Come explore this beautiful place with us.


Dear Iceland,

As we type these words, we feel them trickling from a warm place within. Perhaps it’s gratitude, perhaps it’s inspiration or even love. All we know is where the words originate—they flow straight from our core—and we feel like we should’ve told you some things a long, long time ago.

We want you to know how grateful we are. Grateful for you, the opportunities you’ve given us and the unity you’ve made us experience. Every now and then, we find ourselves speechless due to the energy you contain and the infinite creativity of the people that call you ‘home’. We can hardly imagine life without your raw nature, fresh air, pure water and the never-ending daylight of summer.

Truth be told, we even love the short days of winter, when the sun hardly shines at all, because loving you is all about balance. Never too much, never too little. Loving you is about leaving and coming back, over and over again, knowing you’ll always be there, you’ll always be home.

That’s what spurred us to leave for Portugal three years ago. We needed a change, an opportunity to grow and see you, dear Iceland, from afar. And even though the distance took its toll, leaving was surely a good thing. Missing is such a pure emotion and when you’re able to harness it for inspiration it’s destined to create something extraordinary.

So, after two fulfilling years in Portugal the tides had turned as we discovered an urge to follow an old dream, to build something from the ground. Deep down we knew the dream went hand in hand with returning home since our creation would never have reached full harmony without you and everything you provide.

We came back to introduce the idea of Mikado, our own concept store, to you and to everyone back home. A small idea which is already leading us to big rewards.

It’s the beginning of something beautiful, we can just feel it in the spring breeze—and we love that we’re able to share it with you.

Yours truly,
Aron & Einar