Frenchman Guillaume Rossi has taken over the artistic direction of the upcoming Oratorio perfume campaign this summer. For the occasion of the launch, he became the narrator of the story of the new fragrance, set in the context of Prague. He spoke to VOGUE.CS about this project, just a few days before the September launch. We bring you the whole interview with Guillaume conducted by editor Natálie Debnárová.

You are a creative director, film director and artist. Which of these professions do you feel most comfortable in?
As a multidisciplinary artist, I would say that my position as creative director and film director is part of the process of creating a story. I enjoy telling people stories. No matter the method, the tools, or my team, it is always partially crazy and fun, but doubts and fears also arise. I do not feel like any part of my job is easier or more comfortable than the others. It depends on the project.

Pigmentarium new fragrance is inspired by the perception of Prague's genius loci through the eyes of a foreigner. That is your case exactly. How did you want to capture that in the campaign?
I wanted to capture the experience of my own journey with precision. I wanted to tell the story of two people who are travelling through Prague but also to their selves. The feeling of beauty of meeting somebody new, discovering a new place and a new person. That is the message of the campaign.



Hidden away from the bustling streets of the lively city, there lies the soothing dimness of a church that has withstood centuries of changes. This is where the scent of the burning incense materializes in the form of light bursting through the smoke; where the light stands out all the more against the backdrop of the darkest corners; where thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow blend into the sensation of here and now. The underlying motive behind Oratorio’s story is the clash of opposing forces; the threshold between what has been and what will be; the power of the present moment.