CAMPAIGN 2022/23

CAMPAIGN 2022/23

Heavy green curtains move behind large blocks of tinted glass. They reveal the model's delicate silhouette and extremely minimalist styling. We are introducing the first glimpse into the new Pigmentarium campaign. By photographer Hana Knížová as its author, for the fourth time already. At the very beginning, she helped to create the house of Pigmentarium´s identity through her creative style and won the prestigious Czech Grand Design award for her depiction of Ad Libidum in our first collaboration. While the first three photographic cycles were interpretations of individual perfumes, i.e. Ad Libitum, Erotikon, and Murmur, the current campaign presents a cross-section of the perfume house's work, illustrating its values and reflecting the self-confidence and personality of its clients.


The background against which the story takes place also plays an important role in communication. The artistically valuable architectural works created in Prague during the twentieth century significantly inspire the Pigmentarium brand´s work as an ideal stage for the play of sophisticated fragrances. From the functionalist Winterniz Villa, the last Prague work of Adolf Loos, to the building of the New Stage of the National Theatre. The New Scene, the essence of the brutalist architecture of the 1980s, combining intimacy with monumental conception, has become the place of our current campaign. It was one of the architects Karel Prager's masterpieces, that he connected to the then 100-year-old historical building and created both sharp contrast and a breath-taking whole. Meters of dark glass, impressive areas of green Cuban serpentine, unique facade made of glass blocks by world-famous artists Libenský and Brychtová, exceptional artistic interior lighting, and unexpected vistas through the modern space on the historical surroundings. The charisma of this place keeps shining through, thanks to artistic and ideologic investment, and ideally reflects the values of the Pigmentarium brand - a connection of classical themes with a vibrant presence in one ongoing trend.    

Our implementation team: Hana Knížová, Photo. Tomáš Ric and Hana Knížová, creative direction. Matouš Sedlák, video. Eliška H., Pure Model Management. Zuzana Kanisová, styling, featuring Nehera and Marcel Holubec models. Margita Skřenková, Muah.


A flash of chrome and brown leather detail. The chair in which the model sits in some of the shots is visible only minimally. It still certainly couldn´t escape the design lovers’ attention, and its story gives the campaign another dimension. It was designed by Slovak designer Viliam Chlebo under the name T2407. The architect Karel Prager chose this model for the representation parts of the interior of the New Stage and a unique collection upholstered in leather was created for this purpose. And that's what the chair looked like in the campaign - just like after the gala opening of the New Stage in 1983. Although the original furnishings still exist, the object used is brand new. Thanks to the Czech artisan brand Nanovo, small series production of the T2407 armchair was launched and this piece was brought back to life.