The first perfume named Azabache was introduced by Pigmentarium in the fall of 2021. A striking aromatic composition was created under the artistic direction of Spanish fashion designer Arturo Obegero, for his eponymous fashion brand based in Paris. The perfume, born from the synergy of two young creative teams, was released in a limited series of black bottles with gold detailing of the name, chosen by Arturo for their joint olfactory work. Azabache, Spanish for obsidian. In an exceptionally selective distribution, including only three retail locations and online, its unique status as a collector's item was preserved, leading to the series being sold out. The first chapter closes with an electrifying memory of fluid luxury fragrance depicted by roses and incense, underscored by bold animalic accords.


The new perfume arrives after more than three years and represents the evolution that both Arturo Obegero and Pigmentarium have undergone during this time.

The hot summer sun stirring the air above a garden full of roses. The cool shade of a Spanish church. The salty air saturated with the high waves of the ocean and the scent of surf wax. Long dinners and conversations in the soft glow of candles. These memories of Arturo's adolescence in northern Spain, as well as his Parisian work influenced by surrealism and the neo-noir movement, form the basis of inspiration for the first Azabache perfume and remain a guiding idea even now. Just as the thoughts that shape us endure. The new form then symbolizes a creative and emotional shift. From the first moment, it retains the same character but in a more refined, elegant, and deeper form. The emotional scent of roses softens alongside bergamot and geranium. Animalic tones significantly recede, leaving room for labdanum, a new balsamic component that gives the new perfume its essential character. This resin from Cistus shrubs, also known as rock roses, has been sought after for centuries for its complex and deep scent with hints of wood, leather, and amber. From ancient temple ceremonies to exclusive modern perfumes, labdanum is synonymous with the most beautiful moments.

Debut during Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week

A punk-infused space enveloped in a meditative scent. Three DJs spinning techno sets, fashion enthusiasts, and above all, friends of the Pigmentarium brand. The Azabache Soireé party celebrated the launch of the new perfume, following Arturo Obegero's selective fashion show and concluding the main part of Prague's fashion week program. As always, the bar was dominated by Monkey47 gin.