Arturo Obegero, a Paris based Spanish fashion designer and also collaborator of Pigmentarium House, has presented his latest collection „Rue du Rome“ during Paris Fashion week in January this year.

The tale of sensuality, minimal surrealism and romance was accompanied by the one and only Azabache perfume. A creation made by two creative teams based in different cities - a collaboration of a house of perfumes and a fashion studio.

For Autumn Winter 2022 Arturo Obegero envisioned the musicians of an imaginary orchestra conducted by French multidisciplinary artist Serge Lutens. Delving into traditional haute couture and vintage lingerie, RUE DE ROME is an ode to sensuality, blurring the line between masculine and feminine sartorial conventions and thus creating a conversation between tailoring and flou.

See the video of Arturo's presentation below.


Michal Králíček created a set of photographs of the perfume Azabache. They were taken at the premises of the new building of the University of Applied Arts in Prague. The Photographer was nominated for the Czech Grand Design Award 2021. Michal is a long-term collaborator of our perfumery house and has already created more than three story sets of our unique scents.