Introducing the fragrance through images. Unveiling the inspiration behind the new perfume. Witnessing dreamlike moments experienced by the people wearing it.

Rather than treating photographs taken after the creation of all of our new fragrances as part of a promotional campaign, we see them as the closing chapter of each perfume’s story. For the fourth time, the series of images were captured by the photographer Hana Knížová, who has been demonstrating a close-to-ideal creative connection to our vision. Our collaboration began two months before the Pigmentarium perfume house was ever introduced to the world, when she stepped behind the lens at the Winternitz Villa for the Ad Libitum shoot. Exploring hidden sexual tension and drawing on the unique interior of Adolf Loos' renowned villa, Hana managed to imbue her photographs with a note of elegance and a touch of nostalgia, showcasing the brand’s one-of-a-kind style. Her series of photographs did not escape the public eye, earning her the 2018 Czech Grand Design Award in the “Photographer of the Year” category. Although the media caught onto the best of her pictures, hardly anyone has seen the collection in its entirety. Back then, Pigmentarium was an unknown emerging brand, but our second perfume, Eroticon, was already on its way.

Taking a moment to look back and reflect five years later, we can still feel that powerful energy today, shaping our thoughts and feelings. With the popularity of the chypre perfume growing over the last years, we would now like to invite its large group of devotees to the re-premiere of the timeless photo collection.


We’ve looked back to our inaugural perfume through images once before. Presented to only a limited number of customers upon its release, our debut fragrance deserves to be reintroduced at a time when Pigmentarium is recognized as an established brand. The second collection of images featuring the ballet soloist Fraser Roach was taken against the backdrop of Karel Prager’s brutalist architecture by the photographer Jan Grombiřík. At the same time, the filming of a short experimental movie titled Study Of A Dancer by Anežka Horová was underway.


Our implementation team: Tomáš Ric & Hana Knížová, creative direction. Hana Knížová, photo. Anežka Horová, video. Mariana Klang & Matyáš Neckář, models. Daniela Pilná, styling. Kristýna Hošková, muah. Winternitzova Vila, location.

Our implementation team: Tomáš Ric & Jan Grombiřík, creative direction. Jan Grombiřík, photo. Anežka Horová, video. Fraser Roach, balet dancer. Eliška Matějková, muah. The State Opera, location.