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Artists and their work fulfil our world. They are an inspiration for our creative endeavours and facilitators of contact with something beyond us. Whether it's art in any form or design, we surround ourselves with it with enthusiasm. This led us to the idea that we can regularly lend our space, which is limited to offering our work, to artists whose work appeals to us. All this with the pleasure that we can help you discover someone and something that will bring you joy. We will introduce the artist. We will select one of his works (undoubtedly one that we would choose for ourselves) and offer it here for sale to a new circle of art lovers and collectors. To You.

designed by Pauline Hagan

Original ceramic vase by Pauline Hagan. Handmade from dark stoneware clay using a traditional winding technique and fired twice at high temperatures. Completely glazed on the outside and inside with a transparent glaze that reveals the original colour of the clay. The vase is waterproof and can be used for flowers. But also as a solitary sculpture.

height  30 cm, width  24 cm

8.470 CZK | 350 EUR

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