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Our home. Our inspiration. Prague, for the second time, transcendences into our work. Functionalist villa rooms bathing in the evening sun, which inspired our first perfume AD LIBITUM, are now being followed by the mystical spirit of the oldest centre. The new edition of PRAGUE OLIBANUM incense sticks drew its inspiration right from here. Under the vaults of Gothic churches that have stood the test of time on both sides of the river. In the quiet gloom of baroque churches, among gilded altars and statues of saints. Between the polished wood of palace libraries or the ancient facades of houses, hiding mystical signs. Everywhere where only pieces of stone wall separate history from the vibrant pulse and lights of the contemporary city. In places where just one step means centuries. A noble and ancient fragrance of incense that can be compared to silence.


For all those who could never visit Prague. For those who return to it in their memories. Even for those who rush through its streets every day and inadvertently observe ancient milestones, we have created a set of images together with the fragrance. They map ancient and modern places, bearing that unrepeatable Prague genius loci.

Foto: Daniela Pilná

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