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The collaboration of the Czech perfume house Pigmentarium with the designer Daniel Piršč continues with a limited edition of Altar stands for incense sticks. The porcelain object, available in two shapes, of one hundred pieces, has a silver metallic finish with icy

shades of blue.

Ice temptation

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The Czech perfumery house Pigmentarium is expanding its collection of niche fragrances with a unique novelty. French fashion designer Arturo Obegero created a complex ideological task for perfumer Jakub Hiermann; inspired by contrasting elements. The result is the dominant tone of the three types of roses...

Fluidum of contrasts

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We took a behind-the-scenes look at

the production of an exclusive perfume created by the Czech brand Pigmentarium with Spanish

designer Arturo Obegero.

How the passion smells

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Interior fragrances as a work of art: Pigmentarium presents Incense Altar by Daniel Piršč. The stand for incense sticks, a distinctive art object modified by the surface plating technique, can be found in two colours - pink and blue.

The mood. Rainbow! As a symbol of equality and joy. And there is never enough of it.

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For the re-launch of their first-ever fragrance " Ad Libitum", Pigmentarium unveils a campaign featuring dancer Fraser Roach from the Czech

National Ballet.

PIGMENTARIUM "Study of a Dancer" Campaign

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"Stepping in the same river twice" is a difficult philosophical discipline; however, with perfume, it can (almost) work. Especially, when it is the fundament of the whole olfactory structure. The Czech brand

Pigmentarium has re-scented

an old theme called Ad Libitum...

Perfume versus Hérakleitos

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Scented fumigants are mainly associated with Christmas time in our country. In Asia and the Middle East, however, its aroma is enjoyed throughout the whole year. The tradition, which is several thousand years old, according to some expels evil spirits, according to others

it has healing effects...

Magic connection

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There is nothing more engaging than the connection of two creative souls and the result of their joint creation. This is exactly what has been presented by

the unique Czech perfume house Pigmentarium and Arturo Obegero,

a Spanish fashion designer

living in Paris.

Scented symphony of cohesion

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The perfume house Pigmentarium unveiled its fifth perfume on the evening of October 7, in Prague. In a limited edition of only 300 pieces, the brand created the perfume in collaboration

with Spanish fashion designer Arturo Obegero, who works in Paris...

Pigmentarium introduces new perfume AZABACHE

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The advancing wave, or the fall into the interior of opalescent porcelain? The incense stick is held by both. All you have to do is sit in a chair, put words, pictures or sounds in your head and reach the top of cultural harmony. The author of the Incense Altar for the Pigmentarium brand is the famous Czech porcelain designer Daniel Piršč.

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Founded by Jakub Florian Hiermann (the nose) and creative strategist Tomáš Ric, Czech perfumer Pigmentarium has set out to connect emotions and senses. "Perfume is a collection of unique moment," says Hiermann. "It enables your fantasy."  Its scents range from the seductive Murmur to the fresh Paradiso and zesty Ad Libitum. Since the brand started in 2018 it has created a sculpture series with artist Tereza Štětinová...


The minimal adjustment brought only a minimal change. AD LIBITUM enters a new era. The favourite perfume was restructured to be tuned to perfection. It is still optimistic and breathes out the heat of the sunlight, but now, thanks to the use of aldehydes, it is even more rounded... 

Pigmentarium unveils a unique synergy of fragrance and movement

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Pigmentation in collaboration with the master of porcelain Daniel Piršč presents the third version of the Incense Altar in a limited collection. Only in the exclusive online sales at and only in the number of one hundred pieces, we present the opposite of the colour versions launched...

Amazing Pigment

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Roses as a classic component of perfumery have become the main theme of the novelty of the Czech brand Pigmentarium.

Basic Instinct

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Czech perfume house Pigmentarium, founded by Tomáš Ric and Jakub F. Hiermann in 2018, and Paris-based fashion designer Arturo Obegero unveiled their new fragrance Azabache during Paris Fashion Week.

AZABACHE: Pigmentarium x Arturo Obegero

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Cut through the hot air with one of the fresh scents from our ultimate selection of summer news. The scents full of super light ingredients will refresh the body of the sun-tired spirit.

Fragrances of water and

sunny days


The altar made of plated porcelain follows a variation of four incense sticks and a pair of altars made of precious wood designed by sculptor Tereza Štetinová.

Pigmentarium introduces iridescent incense altar by

Daniel Piršč

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Someone recently asked me when “sex” will be back in fashion. A year with limited physical contact has been strange, but we have been developing other senses from taste to smell. Some scents bring us back to nature and some scents bring out a more seductive nature. Scents can also be an aphrodisiac...

Seducing and Sustainable Scents by Perfume House Pigmentarium

Fucking Young

The Czech perfumery house presents interior fragrances for the first time, in the form of incense sticks, which are already relatively unusual for the present. On that occasion, Czechoslovak Vogue looked under the guise of their inspiration.

Pigmentarium transforms past into the future

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It was Dolce Vita who, for the first time in the autumn of 2018, introduced the newly emerging perfumery house Pigmentraium. Then on the occasion of the launch of the fragrance Ad Libitum. After less than two years, we are returning to the brand ...



They are worn by Soňa Červená and Suzy Menkes. And no wonder - the scents of the perfumery house Pigmentarium can underline your personality without surpassing you. It already ranks them among the best of the best...

Pigmentarium's beautiful world

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The Czech brand Pigmentarium has officially grown with its fourth fragrance since May 4. The perfumery house of Tomáš Rice and Jakub Florian Hiermann thus attracts more and more Czechs to the mysterious world of niche perfumery.

Pigmentarium - a new chapter of Czech niche perfumery

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These two create under the perfume brand Pigmentarium. Jakub makes perfumes and Tomáš takes care of sales. They must definitely not be missed in our talent show.

ELLE Talent Show: Tomáš Ric a Jakub Hiermann

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Pigmentarium offers authenticity, sex appeal, a piece of our history and the essence of the soul personified into scent. Perfume house of Tomáš Rice and Jakub Florian Hierman.

Pigmentarium: The mysterious world of niche perfumery

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From the next part of the ELLEness podcast, you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about scents. How they are made, what niche perfumes are and how they differ from the classic ones, and how to become a perfumer...

PODCAST: ELLEness - Pigmentarium


Tomáš Ric and Jakub Hiermann, two charismatic men behind Czech niche perfumes, project their creativity and sense of design into the brand. "For us, the Pigmentarium is such a small world shaped by smells, emotions ...

Stories of Czech cosmetic brands

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These perfumes are not for everyone. They mix aphrodisiacs in them, evoke memories, they are like mysterious bottles from Alice in Wonderland. They are produced by the Czech perfumery house Pigmentarium...

Fragrant alchemy. The Czech perfumery house Pigmentarium hides stories in bottles

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Sweet smell of a hot body. A gentle breeze of flowers as you lean over and whisper a gentle declaration of love. The novelty of the Pigmentarium brand is so far the most distinctive perfume produced in the Czech Republic....

Whisper softly ... a perfume full of desire Made In Czech.

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Many people dream of mixing their own perfume, but few make it a reality. And even a little less of them will immediately set up an entire perfumery house ...

Paradise in the middle of a pandemic. The Czech perfumery house comes with a new scent

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"When I was about twenty years old, I started to do a lot of aromatherapy and mix my own essential oils. Later, I took perfume courses in London, where they taught us the basics - how to mix different chords ...

Pigmentarium - a new brand of perfumes on the Czech market

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Fragrances can be inspired by anything. From the feeling of happiness through the desire to rule the world, ingredients or a specific person, moment and place. According to perfumers, how does the Czech capital smell?

If Prague was a perfume?

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