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Eau de Parfum

An olfactory work that was created on real and imaginary journey between Prague and Paris. The perfume drawing contrast between the dynamics of the city, where the day already belongs to tomorrow, and the space of old church, under whose vaults time has stopped. The contrast of two moments that can be connected in one moment. The moment of becoming present.    


The first touch belongs to the rare Madagascar mandarin and Egyptian neroli, which symbolize light. The citrus-floral opening is elegantly tart, clean, and unique. Gradually it turns into a spiritual scent of incense and cedar, which is complemented by jasmine in the heart. An accord of opoponax resin together with patchouli oil closes the base of the perfume with a classic balsamic and cooling accent, an expression of darkness than lets us see light.


hand-pressed mandarin oil, neroli


olibanum, cedar, cedar atlas, jasmine


patchouli, opoponax


3.260 CZK | 139 EUR

50 ml / 1.7 Fl.Oz.

Genesis bottle.png

Order a sample of ORATORIO here.

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