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A photography that reminds us of Jakub Schikaneder's paintings with its light and melancholic atmosphere. That is how the key image of the series by Slovak photographer Kubo Krizo feels. Small landscape series created by Kubo on one cold morning on the Vltava riverbank. The original intention was to capture the magical moment of the allegory of the Vltava, the bronze statue standing at the northern tip of Children's Island, emerging from the early morning mist.  However, the magic of the haze and light over the river gave rise to a whole collection of images that are interesting also because they are quite atypical in the context of the broader perception of Kubo Krizo´s work.


Krizo's work is now known to the public as, in his own words, "rap-commercial", thanks to his distinctive and award-winning collaborations with the most famous rappers of today. However, as Kubo himself states, the beginnings of his work were influenced by the classics of Czech photography, Josef Koudelka, and especially Josef Sudek and his nostalgic depictions of old Prague. This set of photographs from 2019 reveals a lesser-known aspect of Kubo Krizo's work - landscape photography.  It is the Vltava River - sculpture photography that is the last motive of this year’s Pigmentarium brand artistic collaboration. Pigmentarium studio location in the photographed area is a mere coincidence. A limited number of pieces of the new Oratorio perfume thus transformed the blank surface of its packaging into a miniature exhibition canvas. This unique product was commissioned by the successful Slovak cosmetic brand MALINNA° and the series will be sold only through the flagship store in the centre of Bratislava and on 


Hopefully logical conclusion of the project is a set of portraits with the perfume Oratorio, which go back to the popular manuscript by Krizo. Together, both sets will probably ever be seen only here.

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