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Two human faces turned away from each other bear the signs of the typical creative handwriting of the sculptor Tereza Štětinová. She is the author of the first of the two forms of the altar for Pigmentarium scented sticks. Its basic shape is based on lathe turned oriental vases and evokes the form of their fraction. A human figure in a pointed hat emerges from the original abstract object to examine it, mirroring his face, and a symbolic third eye shines at their intersection. The material chosen was a noble wood of dark rosewood or wormwood. If you are an owner of two altars, you can stack them together to create a compact sealed case, and keep the scented magical ash from the previous seance inside.


2990 CZK | 127 EUR

length: 30 cm
width: 3.6 cm
height: 2 cm
made in the Czech Republic

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