Erotikon does not hide at all its inspiration from Gustav Machatý's once scandalous film. The work, viewed from today's perspective, is quite the opposite. What used to be an unprecedented revelation is a today's sophisticated hiding. EROTIKON is the scent of passion that does not upset anyone, it is rather indescribable but familiar. Unforgettable. A story about lust and foremost love. Gourmet scents of chocolate, ginger and pink pepper are a prelude to the sensual warmth of vanilla and tonka powder within the heart of the composition. The erotic note is enhanced by magic amber along with musk, patchouli and sandalwood in the base.


Fotografie: Daniela Pilná, Daniel Štěcha, Hana Knížová

Video: Anežka Horová

Za prostor děkujeme The Emblem Hotel Prague



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