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Furnished apartment 1945, Adolf Hoffmeister and Lilly Hoffmeister., painting Max Ernst.jpg



For the intimate celebration of the Erotikon perfume third birthday, we have chosen a place that has been associated with private parties since its beginning. Adolf Hoffmeister's apartment is hidden in one of the few Cubist houses in Prague (and basically in the world). The unique building, with a monumental facade decorated with sculpture, was built in 1913. To this day, the house is known as Diamant. Hoffmeister's apartment on the second floor was in its present form built-in 1930. It was equipped with furniture by Jaroslav Fragner, Alois Wachsmann and an extraordinary collection of artistic and ethnic works. Adolf Hoffmeister, writer, publicist, cartoonist, lawyer and diplomat, was one of the most important Czech cultural people of the twentieth century. His apartment has become a place of formal and slightly decadent meetings of personalities from the Czech and world scene. The interior maintained to this day has been visited by Josef Šíma, Karel Teige, John Steinbeck, Tristan Tzara, the architect Le Corbusier and the politician Francois Mitterrand.



The place with its unique genius loci was quietly untouched. Managed by the Hoffmeister family and reconstructed, it is used by the top domestic glass brand Bomma. Here, Bomma sensitively presents its unique design lights and gives the space another life. On the evening of 3rd February, with kind permission and the help of the Bomma studio, we organized a party and a closed screening of Gustav Machatý's once scandalous black-and-white film. As privately as Erotikon was screened for the first time.

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Snímek obrazovky 2022-02-14 v 16.16.09.png

Private invitations created on a classic typewriter lacked information about the place and time and encouraged the game by providing an unknown telephone number. The guests found out the address of Hoffmeister's apartment only the day before. A very intimate group of just thirty people met with crystal glasses in hand during the screening of the Erotikon movie. Traditionally (as in most of the Pigmentarium events), the unique gin Monkey 47 was served, even in its new liqueur form. The blinis with caviar prepared by the street food bistro Wokno were a somewhat punk relief. However, the centre of the party was women. Most of the guests were a group of ladies connected in various ways with the Erotikon perfume. In their presence, the celebration was bright and electrifying.


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