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A small purple box containing five strong characters and four projects that gave birth to the limited series of products under the Pigmentarium brand. The following Christmas list is a selection of arts and crafts that usually only exist in a very limited number, giving you the perfect opportunity to get a truly unique gift. 

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Nearly the whole fragrance world of Pigmentarium, and four years of effort, in only a small box. A set of five mini perfume bottles invites creative experimentation. Murmur, Paradiso, Erotikon, Genesis, or Ad Libitum? Very different character fragrances you can wear like you wear very different clothes. You can then experience several evenings of the upcoming social season, and every time with a new perfume. Play with disguises and stylization. Beauty is hidden under the surface in Pigmentarium perfumes and can be surprising. It breaks down stereotypes and opens new dimensions of self-expression. Will you be seduced to try something new or different? 




AZABACHE perfume has been the most exceptional work of the Pigmentarium house so far. The captivating fragrance was created in very limited numbers in a collaboration with Spanish fashion designer Arturo Obegero, for his eponymous Parisian fashion label. Based on his creative brief, the created perfume is both elegant and passionate, classical, and extravagant, and full of contradictions, just like his fluid fashion. The delicate fragrance of pink pepper and vetiver followed by the essence of three types of roses blend with the sacred scent of incense and untamed notes of musk in the resulting synonym of luxury. The original bottles covered with hand-applied glass paint are decorated only with the perfume name, done in a thin layer of gold. Obsidian, Spanish Azabache.



A sculptural miniature is an artistic solitaire or a functional part of a perfume. This sculptor Tereza Štetinová´s creative expression of the last chapter of her year-long Genesis project collaboration with Pigmentarium. She transferred the form of water currents and water foam in white Carrara marble or green Cuban serpentine and linked it with the main idea of her Genesis sculpture collection. The fifteen original, unique pieces have been on sale only on since November.

Limited Edition by Lucie Jindrák Skřivánková.png


limited edition

An artistic collection by Lucie Jindrák Skřivánková has been created shortly after the launch of the new perfumed sticks, which refer to the mysterious environment of Prague churches and chapels. Lucie covered stick boxes filled with the spiritual scent of incense in her characteristic creative handwriting. Expressive strokes of black paint in intense layers create an original sculptural decor, which is illuminated by a thin slice of gold on some pieces.




Daniel Piršč porcelain has a unique charisma thanks to its unique surface treatments, which turn each object into an original. The limited pearlescent "Clarity" collection is the lightest version of Daniel's incense altar for Pigmentarium sticks and is meant to symbolize enlightenment and mental balance. It was specially commissioned for the VIRVAR concept store in Bratislava and is exclusively in a limited edition. Available only at

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