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One box of scented sticks conceals six worlds. Travel on a strip of scented smoke to faraway lands, wherever you are. KÂSHÂN ROSE, SANTAL BLUES, MOROCCAN MINT, JERICHO NOIR, PRAGUE OLIBANUM a SAFFRON ABSHERON. Step behind the high wall of the oriental garden, full of rare roses. Head to a bar from the times of colonial India, whose wooden walls have heard thousands of tales of adventure travel. Or into the mysterious alleys of Medina, somewhere in the middle of the Sahara, and sit down to the afternoon mint tea. Let yourself drift to the dreamlike smell of the queen of the night, close behind you the doors of the Baroque church of ancient Prague, or breathe in the sun-lit autumn air, over the mountain plains covered with saffron flowers. 

... and let yourself be carried away by a moment

that belongs only to you.

1.490 CZK | 63 EUR

10 incense sticks of each scent
60 incense sticks in total
handmade in Sri Lanka

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