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A graduate of the prestigious MA study program at Central Saint Martins in London, founded his own fashion brand in Paris after a short internship at the Lanvin House. He describes his distinctive aesthetic view of his work with the same attributes as his hometown and region, which significantly influenced him - "captivating, poetic and aggressively beautiful". Arturo grew up in a bohemian family of surfers in Tapia de Casariego on the Spanish shores of the Atlantic, surrounded by melancholic nature and architecture. Even before starting studies in London, he devoted himself, and with the support of his mother, intensively to scenography and the thorough development of skills, including pattern cutting. After all, he often tends to be dramatic in his work. Whether it was his collection created from theatre curtains, or a recent assignment for an opera in Zurich, in which he dressed a production of Orpheus and Eurydice. Arturo Obegero, strongly influenced by the world of dance, the surrealist and neo-noir movements, creates romantic, sensual and severe models, which he presented for the first time at the Paris Fashion Week soon after his studio was founded. His current view of the work is in line with the approach of clients such as Billy Porter, Troy Sivan or Mahmood.

In the last significant step of his career, he approached PIGMENTARIUM with a proposal to create a perfume in collaboration. The fifth perfume of the Pigmentarium brand and the first of Arturo Obegero is the result of a year-long work and great artistic and personal harmony of both young creative teams. The perfume has been named in Spanish - AZABACHE (obsidian).

“Scents and fragrances have always inspired part of my work, and this was a great opportunity for me to conjure emotions in a totally new way. A perfume can say a lot about someone. It’s an inherent part of your personality. It’s above all a weapon of mass seduction and a sort of love potion. Furthermore, collaborating with other young creatives is important to and for me. It was a pleasure to spend time designing this unique and captivating scent with Tomas and Jakub from Pigmentarium. We cannot wait for people to fall in love with it.”

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