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How art and scents deepen their connection. What connects them with Pigmentarium? Get to know the creative duo, brand ambassadors graphic designer Jan and artist Levi, more closely.

How would you introduce yourselves to a stranger?

Jan: I am a creative born and raised in The Hague who expresses himself through different mediums. As a coastal enthusiast, you can spot me on the beach, exploring new places or find me in the kitchen cooking the most delicious meals for friends and family.

Levi: An interdisciplinary artist based in The Hague. I am interested in and inspired by forms, shapes, connections, patterns, poses and the physical and spiritual connection between two (or more) human beings.

You moved to The Hague together, could you mention what enticed you about this city and recommend some of your favorite things to see and do? 

Jan: As for The Hague, there are several factors that make me love this city. Firstly, it is rich in cultural heritage and its monumental architecture made it an ideal place for someone like me. The city's museums and galleries, such as the Voorlinden and Gemeentemuseum, are an absolute must-visits for any art enthusiast. Additionally, The Hague's beautiful parks and gardens, like the Westbroekpark or the dunes near the beach, offer serene escapes from the hustle and bustle of city life. And of course, being located on the coast, the beaches here are a must to visit. Scheveningen Zuid is my personal favorite, perfect for escaping the more touristy beaches.

Levi: After living in Amsterdam for 7 years it was quite a big step to leave and begin my new life in The Hague. I have been living here for one and a half years now and I really enjoy it here. I found my own way here, I enjoy the contrast between the small and the big creative scenes here such as the Voorlinden and Gemeente museum. There are plenty of galleries and a lot of young and upcoming creatives such as Reconsider Studios, Ceres Studio, Yukkuri and Nozem Studio.

What would you say is the thing connecting you two the most?


Jan: I would say the thing that connects us the most is our shared passion for creativity and aesthetics. We both have an appreciation for art, design, and creating beautiful spaces. Whether it's discussing art movements, brainstorming interior design ideas, or simply admiring the food we made on a Tuesday night. I feel like our connection is strengthened through our shared love for the creative world and the beautiful people surrounding us.

Levi: Our love and passion for sharing. From music, through art to cooking and so on. We love to host and have people over to discuss everything that collectively matters to us. We also connected right away about art and interior design, our taste is very similar!

What is the most different thing about the two of you?

Jan: We complement each other in our differences. I excel in visualizing and conceptualizing the overall design, while Levi has an incredible eye for detail and is skilled in organizing the overall perspective. It's a collaboration that allows us to combine our skills and learn from each other every day.

How do your individual talents complement each other in your creative endeavors (like building the perfect home)?

Jan: I'm a doer and enjoy executing ideas, while Levi takes his time to carefully plan and think things through. Together, we strike a balance between action and thoughtful consideration, which allows us to create the perfect home.

What would you say is your favorite thing about your home? What would be the first thing you would want to show to visitors?

Jan: Our home is filled with Levi's artwork, and I can proudly say that Levi has created every piece that adorns our walls. It's a privilege to have such talent and creativity within our own home. Whenever we have visitors, I take great pride in showcasing Levi's artwork.

Levi: My favorite thing is my atelier. It’s the place where I create and my ideas come to life. It’s a serene place filled with my art but also art from others. I love to share this with Jan, when I paint he watches and vice versa.

Interior design involves creating harmonious and captivating spaces. How do you use scent to enhance the ambiance and overall experience in the spaces you design?

Levi: The role it plays is a significant one. We believe that fragrance has the power to evoke emotions, create memories, and transport people to different places without having to leave the room.

Art and fragrance often share a common goal of evoking emotions and memories. How do you see the connection between the two in your own lives?

Jan+Levi: Both art and fragrance have the power to enrich our lives, evoke a range of emotions, and create a deeper sense of connection with our surroundings. The sense of smell is closely linked to memories and emotions, it has the ability to awaken nostalgic feelings and create a strong sense of connection to our past. In our own lives, we've experienced how certain fragrances can trigger vivid memories or emotions.

What activity makes you feel the most joyful?

Jan: One thing that makes us incredibly happy is traveling together. Exploring new places, experiencing different cultures, and creating memories as a couple brings us immense joy. From the excitement of planning a trip to the thrill of discovering new destinations, traveling allows us to connect, grow, and make unforgettable experiences together.

Levi: Creating! In every way possible, seeing something come alive and completing the vision is really what gives me great joy. Also sharing opinions with others, talking about deeper meanings or aesthetics of something we see and feel.

How does fragrance enhance your connection as a couple, and how do you explore and enjoy fragrances together in your daily lives?

Jan+Levi: Fragrance plays a significant role in enhancing our connection as a couple. It creates a shared sensory experience that deepens our bond and evokes emotions and memories. We both love to explore fragrances together in our daily lives by selecting scents that resonate with the both of us and reflect our identity.

How do we feel about being Pigmentarium brand ambassadors?

Jan+Levi: Excited! It's a brand that resonates with us on a personal level. We're grateful for the opportunity to spread our love for fragrance and to be part of a community that appreciates the impact of scent on our lives. Being part of the Pigmentarium community allows us to connect with others who share our passion for scent and design. We love being able to share our experiences and inspire each other on this creative journey.

When you think of Pigmentarium along with all the values and qualities and feelings you have for the brand, which do you have 100% in common?

Jan: I believe in the power of fragrance to evoke emotions and create memorable experiences. Pigmentarium's focus on crafting scents that highlight specific feelings aligns perfectly with my own philosophy. I value the ability to evoke emotions: creating a sense of joy, love, or inspiration.

Levi: I have been looking for a scent that immediately makes you think of someone or something. I think Pigmentarium creates perfect fragrances that stand out but aren't too much of a specific statement. They are perfect for anyone and everyone.
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