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BACK IN 2018

Extremely hot June. Hot terraces and sunny rooms of the Winternitz villa. A love spark between a woman and who might be a younger man. Juicy citrus and billowing curtains in front of Hana Knížová's lens. It has been four years since the creation of the first Pigmentarium campaign. A collection of images was created for the launch of the AD LIBITUM perfume and to present the perfume house to the public in October 2018.


Hana successively created three key sets of photographs, in 2018 and 2019, as a visual interpretation of the fragrances AD LIBITUM, EROTIKON and MURMUR. Their fundamental importance lies in the (beautiful) task of presenting the initial idea point of the brand to clients. Empathize with the world of perfumes represented by Pigmentarium and perceive it as the creators of the brand intended. All three stories thus take place in front of the lens in the progressive visual environment of the first half of the twentieth century. They can be Adolf Loos interiors or just furniture elements by Josef Gočár. However, the characters are very contemporary and their lively connection with the classical world symbolizes timelessness and sophistication. And the very first, the most comprehensive in terms of the number of images, the AD LIBITUM collection is also the most important of them. It was this work (together with the imagines "Nadotek" for the magazine Proč ne?! and "Kids" for Stella McCartney) for which Hana Knížová received the PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR award in the prestigious CZECH GRAND DESIGN competition for 2018. But we are aware that these beautiful images have escaped the attention of many. Beginnings usually do not have many spectators. And although several editors of the best Czech magazines did give quite extensive space to the introduction of the Pigmentarium brand, only a narrow selection of photos would typically be presented. We think it is a great time to look back and perhaps for the first time review the full cycle of AD LIBITUM.


Welcome to the beginning!



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