„A scent guided by the beat of our hearts, creating an inner world, one that speaks in its own poetry and drives the mind into cerebral ecstasy.”

Jakub Florian Hiermann, perfumer

It always starts with a memory. Something to build on. For Jakub, this has been the memory of his grandmother. The one, that always brought luxury perfumes with her as souvenirs from her journeys around Europe. 


To him, these were never just an essence of her and her elegance. To him, they were the innocent little reminders there is a bigger world to see, and much bigger things out there to experience. Things beyond normal comprehension and life as we know it. Feelings and experiences so strong, they ultimately bring you back to the only place no one will ever take from you – the home of yourself.

After training perfumery in London where he lived for 6 years before moving back to native Prague, he knew the place and time were right. It was here in Prague – the city of nostalgia – he decided to mix his first tribute to the journey of (re)discovery and the endless possibilities it entails. 


This is us ever since – PIGMENTARIUM perfume house. Open your heart and dive in.

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